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MLK Tribute

16 Jan

Let us never forget  such a monumental figure in the fight for civil rights and equality amongst all people. A man that fought for opportunity where there was none at the time. Who did not preach violence but rather love.  Let us all reflect today and do our part to be a bit more like Martin Luther […]

Accident Checklist

11 Oct

Automobile collisions are typically pretty stressful situations.  In the moment you are so full of adrenaline and often uncertain of exactly what happened.  These moments are often hard to stay calm and collected however your next few steps are very important and may also help prevent you from paying for damages you aren’t responsible for. Take […]

We want to hear from you!

09 Sep

As we continue to grow as a company, and adapt to the constant changing standards of  the Auto Repair Industry, our customers are still our number one priority. This has been our mission for over 45 years and we want to hear input from all of you about what we could be doing better, and […]

Acura NSX GT3 or Spaceship?

08 Jul

Auto Blog just release some insight as well as some awesome photos of the new Acura NSX GT3. It has been stripped down to a carbon body and  has some engine modifications to give the rear wheels more power than (its more street friendly counterpart) the new NSX. Although the GT3 isn’t the one that will be ending up […]

New Car Headlights Potentially too Weak?

12 Apr

New research is being conducted by Vehicle Research centers in regards to the headlight ratings of newer cars. Information is being released concluding that these headlights in many new cars simply do not shine far enough. In a recent article on written by Joan Lowy, some disturbing information was revealed.  In the article Lowy […]

Juanita Collision Instagram

29 Feb

We truly appreciate all of our loyal customers and your dedication to trusting us with all of your automotive repair needs. Our staff is dedicated to getting your vehicles back to you as fast as possible while ensuring it is as safe as possible for you and your loved ones. As a company we want […]

Automotive Theft Protection

06 Jan

With the accelerating pace of technological and population growth in our area, the issue of automotive theft and car break-ins rise as well. With the greater Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area ranking the top ten list of motor vehicle theft rate no one can be too safe. There are some simple measures to help keep your vehicle secure […]

Employee Spotlight: Roberto Barreto

29 Sep

This Employee Spotlight is on our Parts Manager/Head Detailer Roberto Barreto. Roberto has been on our team at Juanita Collision Center for a year and is major asset to our company.   Not only does he help create an incredible final product with every car he works on; he does this while having fun with […]